Home and family

East or West, home’s best
That what they saying
Where is my home?
Where is my family? And…
Where are we now?

‘Ull my fella. We are ‘Ull.
An unexpected course of events
Feel lost in this new world
I stood listening to the dialect
I went back to my family
We will not live here a day longer

Ten years later

Still here
Still breathing
Still, have hope to find our true home…

First time

First time for an average kid
will it hurt or will it be fine?
I had my First Holy Communion
when I was nine
but that’s just different
entering the city of amber and black
being a foreigner with
no chance to go back
lonely lost living abroad
upon the river that’s cold and uneven
it isn’t my big dream of city-like-heaven

first time for an average boy
walked through school’s double doors
for the first time looking through
double glazed windows
like my simple life is about to end
double stressed sat down in the tight classroom
full of polish girls and lads
had to speak up in a foreign language
to my compatriot
shut the front door no way
again there was no other way

for the first time I have tried
fish and chips
lovely taste indeed
I licked my lips
I could not resist it
milestone moment
a moment remembered forever
now I write this over ten years later
I can relish that brief of time
wish it will never go away
like my freedom that passed

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